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Nail Quail

Strong Will


Nail Quail's Strong Will is designed to stop the nail biting habit to help regain confidence, comfort, and nail health. This intensely bitter formula has no sheen or smell and is derived from natural ingredients. Strong Will can be used on fingernails, cuticles, skin, and any other affected areas, and is safe to use on top of conventional nail polish and other nail applications. The click-pen applicator makes for quick and easy one-handed application. The on-the-go size allows it to fit discreetly into pockets and bags, so it’s always with you should you need some extra Strong Will.

  • Ridiculously bitter formula has no smell or sheen; dries completely invisible.
  • Use on nails, cuticles, skin, and any other affected areas.
  • On-the-go, brush-on solution in an easy to use click pen makes for quick, one-handed application.
  • Safe to use: No lacquer, formaldehyde, parabens, or ethyl acetate. Strong Will is certified Gluten free!
  • Naturally effective: Soothe sore fingers with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Organic Eucalyptus Leaf, Organic Ginger Root, Organic Wintergreen Leaf, and Organic Oat Kernel.
  • Vegan-friendly from responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Due to the intensely bitter nature of this product, it is recommended for children aged 4+, as well as adults of all ages.
Directions for use: Click the pen applicator until the brush is visibly moist. Apply Strong Will to each finger or affected area with 2 clicks between each area. Let dry for 30 seconds. Re-apply twice daily and after hand washing.
Ingredients: Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Denatonium Benzoate, Organic Eucalyptus Extract, Organic Ginger Root Extract, Organic Wintergreen Leaf Extract, Organic Oat Kernel Extract, Allantoin

Customer Reviews

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literally the best thing for nail biting

I have been a chronic biter for 20 years to the point where I bleed and even start tearing up my cuticles. This product is so convenient as it has no smell and the application is very easy due to it being a pen and a brush. I have a hard time with bottles due to lack of feeling in my fingertips and it is big enough to hold comfortably. The taste is EXTREMELY strong and lingers in the mouth and throat. I would not recommend this for young kids as it was very bitter and long lasting. It also does not leave a sheen or gloss on the fingers and dries within 30 seconds which is amazing. It lasts through hand washing and showers too.

Disgustingly Amazing 🤯

I've been biting my skin off for well over three years and tried like a million ways to stop the habit. When I found Strong Will I was eager to try it out. At first I thought the bitterness wouldn't be too bad, but when I was just about to bite my skin it was so bitter even drinking water could barely help! My mouth ended up staying bitter for 30 minutes. Stong Will was able to stop my skin biting completly after 1 month of use. There is only one downside: as soon as you hands get sweaty, your whole hand is going to feel a little slimey.

Diana S.
Definitely works!

It has helped me stop biting my nails. Be mindful that the bitter taste will transfer to other things. For example, I touched my straw with my hands and it transferred the bitterness to the straw. However the bitterness definitely does the job in terms of getting me to rethink biting my nails.


Works good. Pen leaks a bit

Louis Moore
Disgustingly good

A friend painted some Strong Will onto my thumb, stuck it in my mouth and told me to suck on it. The fool that I am went through with it. What I was not ready for was the most disgusting, bitter, persistent taste I've ever had. It was unbelievable, the taste took hours to go away after eating and drinking a lot of water. One can imagine the crimes against humanity level pranks with this, putting some in drinks on food. The government would shiver to induce this taste onto Guantanamo Bay prisoners.

Overall. 5/5 stars. Works the charm, won't be biting fingers again.

Customer Reviews

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