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About Us

Hi! We're Igor and Adrian, creators of Nail Quail's Strong Will - the most powerful aid for breaking the habit of nail biting. A former nail biter myself, I understand the complex issue and extreme hardship of stopping nail biting. It truly is one of the most difficult habits to break, but just like any habit, it's resolved through retraining. After years (27 in fact) of suffering from nail biting, my wife Adrian and I were able to design a product that I used to successfully and permanently break my own nail biting habit. I know there are many others suffering from nail biting in the same situation - frustrated with ineffective products and treatments - who could benefit from this plan. 
Often there is a stigma associated with nail biting, which can make the habit even worse through compounding anxiety. At Nail Quail, we believe that you deserve respect. You deserve a product that is discreet and offers you support, rather than shaming. Whether you're an ambitious career-person looking for more confidence, a parent looking for a healthy way to help your child, or anywhere in between, Strong Will is there to help. 
In our spare time we bike, hike, and camp all over the world - so far including Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, and some really cool spots around the US. We love adventure and staying healthy, building memories together, and experiencing culture while traveling the unbeaten path. Just like our company, we value support and positivity. 
-Igor & Adrian
Nail Quail founders