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Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday
We're not a giant conglomerate, we're a hard-working small husband and wife owned business with an e-commerce storefront. We are passionately dedicated to helping others resolve their nail biting habits, because we're experienced with nail biting on a personal level. 

Nail Quail was started when Igor, a chronic nail biter himself, designed Strong Will to break his own habit. We knew that this product was so effective, that we needed to get it out into the public so that we could help others overcome their nail biting. To find out more about us and our company's mission, visit our About Us page.

We're an American brand, made in America, with a deep connection to our local community. In the modern business world, online retailers aren't just mega-brands, but your neighbors.

For Small Business Saturday we're continuing our NoBiteNov coupon code for 10% off. Just enter the coupon code NoBiteNov at check-out to receive 10% off all of our store products, including Strong Will and EZ Flow Cuticle Care. And as always, free shipping for all purchases over $25. Consider getting some Strong Will for a loved one over the holiday season!

And don't forget to push through with #NoBiteNovember! Together we can overcome the nail biting habit. 

Thank you for your support! 

-Adrian and Igor

Adrian and Igor Pumpkins

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