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4 Hobbies to Help Stop Nail Biting

bike on cliff

Stress is a part of all of our lives - there is just no way to get around it. For sufferers of nail biting, stress and anxiety manifests itself physically which can lead to tattered and hurting nails which in turn compounds the stress. It creates a vicious cycle of anxiety.

Hobbies which keep our hands and minds occupied are a fantastic way to suppress the nail biting urge. Here are 4 hobbies with little to no investment you can do today to melt away the stress:

Take a hike!

  • Hiking connects you to nature and makes you develop a better appreciation of your surroundings. You’ll be concentrating on your immediate steps to navigate terrain, and steeper trails will even require you to scramble by grasping different obstacles. Your anxiety will be forgotten and you’ll explore new places. Win-win. If you’ve never gone hiking before, lace up some tennis shoes and check out your local park, or just go for a long walk around your neighborhood. Simply google “hiking near me” to find a variety of trails!

Go for a ride!

  • Cycling is one of my favorite activities for keeping hands busy because you have to keep your hands on the handlebars! You can explore several miles away from your starting point pretty quickly. In addition, it is a terrific low-impact sport which encourages weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. If you’re just beginning, jump over to your local bike shop. They have a wealth of knowledge to find the right bike for you in your budget and help you find safe, local routes. If you’re mechanically inclined, check out Craigslist for nice second-hand bikes that may only need minor adjustments.

Express yourself!

  • Express your emotions, feelings, and experiences by working out that left side of our brain. Or simply paint a beautiful scene! Water colors and pastels are easy and an inexpensive way to introduce yourself into the art world. Painting with water colors is very expressive and drys quickly. Pastels are like crayons for adults, not that there is anything wrong with crayons. There are even adult coloring books that can be picked up at your local book shop.

film camera in hand

Get to snapping!

  • Are you an Ansel Adams or a Henri Cartier-Bresson? Maybe you're a Richard Avedon? No matter what style you like, get outside and start snapping photos. Get your creative juices going and interact with your environment, getting the right angles and the right time of day for the ideal light. Your mind will be working and your hands will be busy with holding the camera and adjusting settings. Take a look on Craigslist for lightly used cameras. You don't need a bulky DSLR, even a lightweight compact can allow you to take stunning photos.

What hobbies do you enjoy to relieve stress?

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