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Welcome to Nail Quail

Welcome to Nail Quail. For more than 25 years, I was a continuous nail biter. I tried using all sorts of methods to control anxiety and prevent the physical manifestation of nail biting also known as Onychophagia. Stress balls, snapping rubber bands, and nail polish. But stress balls were forgotten, rubber bands broke, hurt, and looked unprofessional, and nail polish chipped and was inconvenient to apply. I used every existing anti-nail biting formula on the market, and none of them worked. Some were made of dangerous chemicals I did not feel comfortable using, some left a high sheen that looked terrible when chewed, some didn't taste bad at all, and some were even highly flammable! I could not handle the frustration and embarrassment of having chewed and hurting nails and nail beds anymore. Along with my wife Adrian, we created a formula which is derived from natural sources, can be quickly applied, and is incredibly bitter to help break the habit of nail biting: Strong Will. In addition to new products and news, this blog will also be a haven of positive encouragement, anxiety relief tips, and anti-nail biting inspiration. Together, we can help stop the nail biting habit and promote nail health.

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  • Igor on

    Hi Lanise,

    To actively combat the habit, we recommend applying Strong Will every 3-4 hours and after hand washing, though the taste will linger all day. The click pen makes application super fast and drying takes less than 30 seconds.

    Let me know if you have any other questions!


  • Lanise Adams on

    How long does this product last? My almost 4 year old is also a habitual nail biter, as was I for 20 years.

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