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Awesome Things You Can Do With Fingernails

There can be such negative talk surrounding nail biting - how it can hurt, how it damages teeth, the social stigma - but here at Nail Quail we have been thinking a lot about the future lately. In the future you will beat the nail biting habit. In the future you will not be nervous to show your hands. In the future, you will have nails, and they will be awesome.

Just think of all of the useful, silly, and wonderful things you can do with fully grown nails. People on the outside of nail biting often underestimate how satisfying these actions can be. So here's Nail Quail's list of awesome things you can do with nails! Read through it, and comment with some of you own ideas. 

picking up coins with fingernails

Picking up coins - For anyone who has struggled with nail biting, this is one of the biggest disadvantages to not having nails. Not only does it become incredibly difficult to pick up flat objects like coins and credit cards off a flat surface, but if doing so in front of others, the stress of an audience watching can be palpable. Successfully and easily picking up coins is a huge perk to growing back your nails.

peeling sticker off fruit butternut squash

Peeling stickers off fruit - Think of the frustration in the break room, cafeteria, or kitchen of trying to work that tiny, unyielding sticker off of your piece of fruit or veggie. Now think of the satisfaction of knowing that will never happen again with healthy nails!

opening can with fingernails

Opening a soda can - Now this is just down right utilitarian. Having nice nails not only means healthy nails, or good looking nails, but also useful nails.

scratching a dog's back with fingernails 

Scratch a loved one - The saying, "You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" can finally become a literal reality. Really though, it's not just you that benefits from healthy nails.

fun nail polish art 

Nail polish fun! - For those of you interested in painting your fingernails, having fully grown nails means you have a medium on which to work your wonders! Want to try out some flashy colors, match an outfit, or do a funky pattern? Now you don't have to be afraid to highlight your nails!

Point with confidence - This is a huge one for professionals. Need to point on a report, or show off a product in your hands? Now you don't have to think twice! It's amazing what a stress relief it is to not even have to think about posing your hands to obscure view of your nails.

Is there something else you're looking forward to doing with your nails? A recent example of a personal victory over nail biting? Comment and inspire!

#nobitenovember banner

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