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#NoBiteNovember is Almost Here + Coupon Code!

#NoBiteNovember is a promise. It's a promise to yourself that you will not bite your nails, cuticles, or skin for the entire month of November. It's a promise that when stress and anxiety pokes and prods, you won't let it get to you.

Nail biting is one the most difficult habits to conquer. Use the knowledge that we are all in this together, around the world, to empower you to stop the habit.

Get ready for #NoBiteNovember with Strong Will by getting 10% off your purchase using the coupon code: NoBiteNov

For the month of November we will be sharing inspirational posts as well as tips and tricks on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest for how to stop your nail biting habit.

Come to our blog for support and community. Together, we can stop the nail biting habit and promote nail comfort and health.

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